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Saint Paul College A Community & 技术学院

​​​学生 消费者信息

Notice Regarding the Availability of Institutional and 金融援助 信息rmation

Availability of 消费者信息

Each institution must annually distribute to all enrolled students a notice of the availability of the information that is required to be made available to students under the Family Educational Rights and 隐私 Act of 1974 (FE​RPA). These required disclosures ensure the institution maintains federal compliance.

At mg电子试玩app, the 学生 消费者信息 is available on our website (, see below for listing of required disclosure information and resources. This includes information regarding 学生 Right to Know, 可访问性 Services, 金融援助 信息rmation, 校园安全, 政策, 等. The institution will provide a paper copy upon request.

Contact 信息rmation for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or 金融援助 信息rmation

Each institution must make available to prospective and enrolled students information regarding how and where to contact individuals designated to assist enrolled or prospective students in obtaining the institutional or financial aid informa​tion required to be disclosed.


Institutional 信息rmation
  • 学术项目 (Educational, Instructional Facilities and Faculty)
  • 认证 of Institution and Programs
  • 投诉过程
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Diversity of 学生 Body
  • 隐私 of 学生记录
  • Services and Facilities for 学生s with Disabilities
  • 学生活动
  • Textbook Pricing 信息rmation including 课程安排 信息rmation
  • 转移 of Credit Policy
  • 选民登记
Financial Assistance 信息rmation
  • Available Assistance from Federal, State and Local Institutional Programs
  • Additional Available 信息rmation Regarding Loans
  • 出勤费用
  • Penalties for Drug Law Violation of Aid
  • 退款政策
Institutional 安全 政策 and Crime Statistics
  • 校园安全 Report (Including Emergency Response and Evacuation 程序), 及时的警告, 及罪案记录
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
  • 无毒的工作场所
  • Immunization Policy​
  • 信息rmation for Crime Victims
Completion and 毕业 Rates
  • 职业服务
  • 大学的计分卡
  • Completion/毕业 and 转移 Out Rates (学生 Right to Know Act)
  • 有偿的工作
  • 就业安置率
  • 保留率
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