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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College


Saint Paul College is welcoming.

Our community is welcoming, warm and diverse. We're a campus made up of students from around the world. While our students are all at different stages in their life, they have one important thing in common: they've found their place at Saint Paul College.

Saint Paul College is a strong start.

If your goal is a four-year degree, you've come to the right place. 每年, Saint Paul College students transfer to more than 350 four-year colleges and universities around the state and beyond. 

Saint Paul College is inclusive.

​With more than a dozen student clubs and associations offered through 学生生活, finding your place at Saint Paul College couldn't be easier. Joining gives you the opportunity to ​develop leadership skills, network in your 职业生涯 area, be active in the College community, 交朋友, 祝大家玩得开心!

​​Saint Paul College is helpful.

You'll find much more at Saint Paul College than just classes – you'll find a wide variety of resources to help you achieve success in your education and 职业生涯. Just take a look at all the student 服务s Saint Paul College offers: ​

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